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Unknown sensors in your android device

Sensors in your device

Have you ever wondered how your GPS works or how your phone shows the right directions? These all things is done by the sensors present in your smartphone. When you buy a phone you must have seen in the specifications that this phone has a gyroscope sensor or proximity sensor. In this article, we will discuss these different types of sensors that are available on your smartphone. These sensors might not visible to you but these help you in different ways.

Proximity sensor

When you call someone you have seen that your mobile screen turns off and when the call is over then your screen turns on. How this happens, the Proximity sensor is present at the top of the mobile phones where the camera is placed. This sensor is responsible for turning off your screen when you hear the call. But how it works? When someone is calling you and you pick up the call and put your ear around the proximity sensor there are some rays coming out from this sensor. When any obstacle is in front of these rays these rays come back. in the same case when you put your ear near the proximity sensor. Then these rays fall back to the proximity sensor. And your screen turns off.

Accelerometer sensor

This sensor is present inside your smartphone this sensor cannot be seen but this helps to decide whether the orientation of the phone landscape or portrait. In simple language, it helps to decide the orientation of the smartphone. For example, when you open any application The default mode of the application is a portrait but when you want to rotate your screen to landscape you just turn on the rotate option in the notification panel. and when you rotate your phone from portrait to landscape. This accelerometer sensor becomes active. and helps to rotate the screen in the same direction as your phone.

Gyroscope sensor

This sensor in some way same like the accelerometer sensor but it does much more than an accelerometer sensor. you have been using google maps or navigation for quite a long time but do you know how mobile shows the exact location. This is done by a gyroscope sensor. It gives an accurate location. It calculates the movement of your phone that in which direction your phone is moving. Another example is. When you play a car racing game you tilt your phone towards the left if you want your car to move to the left and vice versa this is also done by a gyroscope sensor.

Light sensor

You have seen that there a feature in your mobile named Auto brightness. If auto-brightness is turned on your mobile it will make your screen dark when you are in a dark area and make the screen bright when you are in sunlight. This process is done by a light sensor. it knows that how much light is there in the real-world and adjusts is brightness according to it. This is the best feature because it reduces the strain to the eyes.

Magnetometer sensor

This sensor helps to get the direction. There a feature in your smartphone that is compass where the direction is shown. All information is collected by the magnetometer sensor. The only work of this sensor is to know the direction east, west, north, or south.

Barometer sensor

This is another type of sensor that is used in smartphones basically this sensor tells us the altitude from the sea level. you might be thinking who has to find the altitude from the sea level but that's not the cast this sensor is used to give the exact location of your phone. This barometer sensor is also used to measure the air pressure. It is also used to detect the weather changes. It is a very useful sensor.

Biometric sensor

Another useful sensor in smartphones is the biometric sensor. fingerprint sensor, face unlock feature these security functions are performed by the biometric sensors. Most of the smartphones these days come with biometric sensors. Every phone is now having a fingerprint sensor that maintains the security of the device. 

another sensor that is available in the smartphones are a thermometer sensor and a pedometer sensor. The thermometer sensor is used to measure the temperature of the smartphone and a pedometer sensor is used to calculate the steps you have walked.

These are the sensors that are available in smartphones these sensors may not be visible to you but these sensors definitely do your most of your work. So now when you purchase new smartphone. Ensure that these sensors are available in your device. Till now i have observed that most of you don't consider them important but know you know the importance of these sensors now share this knowledge with your friends and make them know the importance of sensors in smarthphones