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strategy to buy a smartphone

best strategy for buying a smartphone

Consider a situation in which you want to buy a smartphone but there are a lot of mobile company these days which are providing you the great specification smartphones at lower price. So which smartphone you should buy which thing should be considered before buying a smartphone well there are a lot of things to consider. I will explain every possible thing to you. If you are a newbie and don't know much about smartphones then this article will definitely help you in choosing the best smartphone.

Here we go !!!


The first thing that you should decide is your budget. Because if you don't decide your budget it will be very difficult for you to choose the best device at best price point so budget is necessary if you are purchasing the smartphone from offline stores near you so firstly the salesmen will ask for the budget the in what price range your phone should be. This is also important that there are so many mobile phone these days from 2000 rupees to 1 lakh or even more. So firstly decide your budget.


The next important thing is to decide which company smartphone is reliable and which gives you the best specifications in your budget. If you ask me you should go for Samsung, oppo,realme these smartphones are affordable and it gives you the best specifications at a low price. if your budget is high then you can go for one plus, apple. why I have not included Xiaomi? See I have used Xiaomi phones lifespan of these phones are quite low and the resale value of these phones is also not good.

The other main reason that you should not buy Xiaomi phones because by the time their performance will decrease. The camera quality will also become average after the time. so in my opinion you should not buy Xiaomi smartphones.

Only buy recently launched smartphones

You should buy recently launched smartphones why I am saying this because I have experienced that if you buy a smartphone which was launched 2 years or 1 year ago then you will face some problems after some time. I have purchased a Samsung j7 2015 in 2017 after  6 months it was giving me problems. New technologies are used in smartphones which give a plus point new design is also given and many other things are there. So, in my opinion, you should only buy smartphones that are recently launched.

Prefer quality over quantity 

You should always prefer quality over quantity even it cost you 500 extra. What people do is they see the specification of the phones where they have written 48-megapixel camera octa-core processor
This eye-catching specification attracts the user to buy that phone. But never make this mistake always get the detailed information about the smartphone then only make a purchase this 48-megapixel camera is just for attracting the buyers. It may be so the phone may have 48-megapixel camera but which type of sensor is used in it. Which company sensor they are using these things also matters. So always prefer quality over quantity.

Buy from the trusted site

Another big mistake the people do is they purchase the smartphones from non trusted platforms.
There are many fishy platforms on the internet that will provide you the product at a low price as compared to the other sites. What these sites do is they will provide you product at a lower price and by seeing the price is lower then what others are selling the users make purchase from the website. and the end result is they get used a smartphone or broken device, in some cases a piece of brick is delivered. So only make purchases from trusted sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. 

Understand the salesman strategy

If you are planning to buy a phone from the offline store don't buy the smartphone that salesman is preferring you. They may be telling you a lot about those phones they will also give you the demo. But still don't listen to them. They will only give you that smartphone that is currently not making sales or to clear their stock they will force you. But never do this mistake always make a rational decision before buying a smartphone. The model you want most probably they will not have that. so they will show you other phones.

Choose according to your needs

What are you need what you want your smartphone to do for you? If you want to do heavy gaming you need the smartphone that is having a good processor and a good amount of ram but if you need a smartphone for daily usage or for lite gaming. Then you don't need more ram or a high-end processor these things may not be important because everybody now wants the smartphone that does everything for them. But somehow it is important to choose your phone according to you need

Never buy costly phones

The one thing i have noticed that once you have purchased a phone after some time you get bored from it. You will see the new phones is launching but you can't purchase it because you have spent a huge amount of money earlier. So in my opinion never buy costly phones like more than 30,000 because new technologies come every day so if you want you to be up to date follow this pro tip.


From the above points, you must be aware from the things that you should consider before buying a smartphone. There can be many more things but to make this article short and informative I have not covered those things. I have not explained in depth if you want to add anything int this article let me know by writing your comments. I hope you must have gained some knowledge from this article.

Bie bie !!