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Top 5 android games on playstore 2020-[latest]

Top 5 android games 2020

When we talk about gaming on mobile it is the best thing we can do to counter boredom or for entertainment, if you are a hard gamer you must be knowing the best games available on the play store. But what if you don't play regular games on your android there are billions of games available on plays store so which games to choose to get the best experience. Don't worry we will provide you the top 10 android games that will really entertain you these games can be played online, offline, or in both conditions. The one more thing I want to add that to play these games you dont need high-end smartphones it will also run smoothly in any basic smartphone. 

5. Fun Race 3D

Fun race 3D is the game sized 48 MB it is having 4.1 rating on play store. As from the name you can guess that this is a racing game. In this game, a small kid has to run can complete the levels. There are the obstacles in between. 

just hold the screen and your character will start running and when you see the obstacle coming just lift off your finger from the screen just wait then after the road is clear then again hold the screen and run. There are many levels of this game as the level increase the hardness of the level also increase this came is best for those who want the game just to pass their time 

 screenshots of the game

4. Tank Hero

This game is rated 4.3 on play store and has 10 million + download and a size of just 9.2 MB. Dont compare the game to its size. This game is perfect if you are interested in some kind of fighting game. In this game you are having a tank the thing you have to do is destroy the enemies tank.

Looks simple! but that's not the case. As the level increases the hardness of the game increases. You have to destroy the enemies tank by taping on their tanks. you will get 3 lives if you get hit by enemies tank 3 times The game will restart the game from the beginning. 

screenshots of the game:

3. Happy glass

This game is having a rating of 3.9 and100 million + downloads this game is the best for time pass.
In this game, you have to find the possible ways to fill the glass with water.  you have to mark the lines by the pencil and give the way to the water so that the glass can be filled there are different levels of this game. This is perfect for you if you are finding the game that can workout with your brain. You also get hints to complete the levels and for every level you complete you get coins.

screenshots of the game:


2.Kite flying layany layang

If you are interested in kite flying but you can't fly kites in real world. This game can provide you the best kite flying experience. You can play with your friends online just select the server and ask your friends to join the same server and enjoy it. You can select the kites there are various designs available there and select the thread and you are ready to go. The language can't be not understood by you. But somehow you can manage to understand. There is festival mode, online mode, combat mode

screenshots of the game


1.UNO and friends

This is the best game to play with friends and family. if you are familiar with this game you can easily play it but if you are new to this game then you have to learn how to play this game but this is not a rocket science this is a very easy game to play just you have to finish the cards as early as possible. You can watch tutorials on youtube how to play UNO cards and in 15 minutes or 20 minutes, you will be able to play this game. you can play this game online with players around the world. 4 players can join and play 

screenshots of the game: