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Best knowledge about dropshipping

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the latest type of online business. This is not the ordinary business where you get orders and you have to full fill it by delivering the orders to the shipping address but in dropshipping, you don't have to full fill orders. Let me explain in detail. In dropshipping, you have to make a website that is selling trending products. Now your question will be. will I have to stock the products?

The answer is no? In dropshipping business, you don't have to stock the products You will import products from another website like aliexpress and eBay. Then if you get orders you will directly place the order from the website from where you have imported the products. And that supplier who is selling that thing will send the product to the shipping address. How amazing it is? It means it is that type of business in which you don't have to hold the stock. If there will be no inventory then there is no tension that your product will not be sold and there will be a loss if the product is not sold.

But now the question arises how you will earn ?. Let me tell you when you import the product from aliexpress let us suppose you import a product that costs you 5 dollars. Then you can easily sell that product in 25 dollars. Now one more question arises. Will customers purchase that. If the product is trending and your website looks like a trusted website. Then definitely customer will purchase it.

If you do the good product research and your Facebook ads perform better. Then your business will be successful in less time. 

dropshipping may not be a trending business in India but most of the foreigners are doing it and earning a handsome amount of money. if your dropshipping is successful in India then your life would be much better.

Now there's one more question How people will see the products that you are selling.? There can many ways like Facebook ads, Google ads, SEO. In my opinion, Facebook ads will be much better and If you have good knowledge of running Facebook ads then your work will become fast. If you don't know much about Facebook ads. Then it is not a big problem you can easily learn it online in  2-3 months. Once you have knowledge about the Facebook ads. Then you can go to the next step.

You don't have to create the website manually the thing you have to do it go to or you can choose  woo commerce which is powered by WordPress. But most of the people choose Shopify because it has many automated features.

How to start dropshipping

1. The first step is to identify the products you want to sell. You have to select some type of niche you can also sell multiple niches products but if you have a specific store selling specific things that might be more beneficial to you. 

2. After selecting your niche the next step is to set up the website and add the products to the website if you are using Shopify it will be easier for you to add the products. Using the extension called over you can add as many products you want in a sing click.

3. Now when you add products add specific products that will give you high profit and also don't add those products which are having a higher delivery charge This is because if shipping charges would be higher then the customer might not purchase from your website. I will suggest adding most of the products with free delivery options.

4. Now before adding the products research about the products that how much people is purchasing that product or how much trending that product is then only you will get sales. If the product you choose that is not trading then why people will purchase it. 

5. You have to sell that product that is not available in the offline stores.

6. Make your website look like a trusted website to make simple and clean design. Most of the people don't buy from the sites which not look original. So make your site look like its not a spam site your product will be delivered on time add these small things then only the customer will trust your site and buy the product from your site.

7. After the above steps start the ad campaign on Facebook. try the products that you think will work better. You will have to spend some money on running the Facebook campaigns but don't worry your Facebook ads cost will be recovered very fast when you start getting sales.

8. Never broke the trust of the customer if there is any case in which the product has to be returned Then respond to the customer as early as possible and give the assistance to the customer that your product will be replaced this will make a positive impact on the customer and your site reputation will also increase.

9. After you get some sales. send discount offers to the old customer by email after seeing that there is a discount on the products the customer will definitely buy products. You can also make your.
customers by email marketing other marketing tactics.

10. after all this makes changes in your site. optimize your site and update your sites regularly add new products to site regularly if some of them are not working remove those products. 


From the above points have some knowledge about the dropshipping and how this works,How you can make money with this business. You will have to invest some amount of money but you investment will be recovered in a few months if you take this business seriously if you are not serious then I am not sure that your business might be profitable or not. Follow these steps and do research on dropshipping and then start it don't rely on one source watch youtube tutorials. Listen to the experience from the people who had recently started it.

So that's all about dropshipping 

Bie Bie !!!


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