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5 best steps to learn programming in 2020 | Become Master in programming |

  5 well proved steps to learn programming in 2020   When you hear the word programming what comes in your mind? Maybe it's very difficult or I can't do it. Yes, these are some of the common thoughts that come in our mind. But you know when some is done stepwise it doesn’t feel that much difficult same is with programming when you learn programming you should go step wise step don’t jump so long that you miss the basic concepts. When a person starts learning to program they don’t understand it and they quit it but you should never do that it will take time for you to understand the concepts how to give instructions to the computer. Basically, programming is like we are giving instructions to the computer to perform a given task.   Some peoples who wants to learn to program they say they directly want to develop the software. So some times it is hard to convince people that programming is step by step learning process. In this article, I will tell you the best steps w

Why you should install Jio fiber at your home?

  Why you should install Jio fiber at your home? Recently jio has announced its new jio fiber plans and many of the people are installing jio fiber at their homes. Jio fiber has launched its lowest plans to date. It is very cheap more than that you also get some ott apps like Hotstar, sony liv, Netflix etc. Earlier jio use to give bonus coupons to recharge your wifi if you have exhausted the data but now there is no limit for the data. It is unlimited. As the name tells that it is a fiber connection Earlier companies were using an ethernet cable which gives a very low speed. But now most of the companies like airtel and jio are giving fiber optic internet which is very fast. When Jio was launched in 2016 they used to give free unlimited data now the same they are doing it with the wifi they are providing unlimited data and you can also install jio call app and make calls over wifi. As there are many broadband proividers in India why you should JIO fiber .So lets see the points wh

Is Wifi better than Mobile data?

Wifi vs mobile data | who wins? | When thinking about internet what comes in mind is whether you should use mobile data or Wifi..most of the peoples uses mobile data. But in mobile data speed and data is limited that is why when you stream on Netflix or on Hotstar it gives warning that "you are on your mobile data connection to wifi. So what should you choose to access the internet is it wifi or mobile data? See mobile data has its own benefits over Wifi. In the last 3-4 years the internet is so popular in India that no one can live without the internet I think this is a jio fact. Earlier there was no fiber internet in India but nowadays there are so many fiber internet available. Fiber internet use fiber optical cable. Fiber internet is very fast as compared to ethernet cable. So let's see the difference between the Mobile data and wifi Speed Yes, speed is the biggest point. when you are using mobile data then you can't expect great whichever plan you are currently on but

CCTV cameras VS mobile Cameras

  Can CCTV cameras replaced by mobile Cameras? Can CCTV cameras replaced by mobile cameras? The answer is no we will discuss this but yes this question is genuine that instead of that blurry images on CCTV can it be replaced by mobile. In the new technological era in which there is resolution up to 4k why still the CCTV cameras recording are blurry or grainy. Is not good as a mobile video recording. Even the safety is the number one priority then why we should not replace CCTV with a mobile camera so we can have the HD view of the recording. So these questions may come in your mind. Even Mobile cameras can record in 4k then why CCTV can record in 4k so it is easy to identify something. There is so much advancement in the technology then why they can upgrade the quality of the CCTV camera. These questions may be in your mind. Here are some of the following points that prove that CCTV cameras can’t be replaced by mobile phone cameras. 1)Continous working You know that CCTV is

work online and earn- |Earn money online|

  Top 5 methods to earn money online Earning money online is not that easy you have to work for quite a long time to get most of it but how to choose the right platform to earn money online. Yes this is a big question because there are so many sites available on the internet or there are more tutorials on youtube which ensure that you can earn money online. But the fact is that most of the sites that you visit is not going to give you money. In this article we will tell you top 5 methods from which you can earn money online. 1)Google Adsense I will recommend that you should use google adsense if you want to earn money online this is the best method till date. Because google is the trusted site and many of the people are making a good amount of money. You can start a blog or start a youtube channel or can make a mobile app and monetize it will google adsense. If you are getting good amount of traffic then you can easily make 1000 dollar per months if you want proof of the earnin

How to earn passive income by translating text

  How to earn money by translating text. You want to earny money online but you   don’t get satisfied with the website or you don’t have the skill that can let you earn money. So what if I say you can earn money by just using the google tranaslate. Yes you can earn money with the help of google translate many of the people are making good use of it. There are many books or text available in different languages and some people wants to translate this text to some other language. May be some one wants to translate his book which is written in japnese to English.   In this case they hire freelancers to do this work. So what freelancers does they just paste the content in google translate and when the text is translated they show it to the person if the person is satisfied they get paid .   How simple it is. There are many free lancing sites like fiver,upwork,freelancer. But today we gonna talk about some different site which is Latium . This is a freelancing website on which you

Trusted affiliate networks to earn money online

  Affiliate websites that works perfectly Want to make money online ?? There are many things available on internet which will give you income but the thing is that there are some requirements for them. Like you want to earn through adsense firstly you have to approve your website or youtube account to earn through it. For some people it is difficult to approve adsense as they may not get enough views. So in this case affiliate marketing is the best option there no any other prior requirements you can just sign up with the affiliate company and get commissions So for those who don’t know what affiliate marketing is. It is that type of marketing in which you earn through commission. Like if there is a product on amazon and it is sold through you link then you will get commission on selling the product affiliate marketing in becoming popular now a days in India many people are earning handsome amount of money with it. There are many affiliate website available on internet today we wil

Android is amazing after rooting.

  Android after rooting You got bored using your android and want to try something new. So you should root your phone Rooting the android phones means you can now access hidden features of the android which was only limited to the developers. Note: If your phone is under warranty don’t root your phone as it will avoid your warranty. If you have rooted your device then you can do amazing things on that which a normal phone cannot do.   1)Extend battery life Yes you have read it right by rooting your device you can extend your battery life. An App called Amplify battery extender really boost your battery performance. This app forces to close those apps which are draining your battery very fast. You can give a try after rooting your device if it works or not. 2)Recover deleted files There are many recovery apps that ensure that they will recover your data but after rooting your phone you can get access to the most powerfull recovery app that is undeleter. This can recover al

The most effective method to boost Windows 10 for Gaming

  The best methods to boost Windows 10 for Gaming   So you have a laptop with windows 10 and it's giving a bad experience for your gaming. You have invested much in it but still, the problem occurs while you are playing games on it. For gaming in the mid-range laptops is much difficult compared to the high range laptops. Gaming is that thing whick every one loves even if you have purchased laptop for your office work you would still wish that it can run games many of the laptops comes with integrated graphics card. Some of the laptops comes with dedicated graphics card but still laptop cant give performence like desktop.   So if you want to play games in the mid range laptops then to boost the fps There are some prior requirements. In this article we will discuss the best options you can try so that you can boost the gaming performance.   1)Disable Antivirus or delete it I would recommend to delete your antivirus rather disabling it because if you are having a mid ran