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5 best steps to learn programming in 2020 | Become Master in programming |


5 well proved steps to learn programming in 2020


When you hear the word programming what comes in your mind? Maybe it's very difficult or I can't do it. Yes, these are some of the common thoughts that come in our mind. But you know when some is done stepwise it doesn’t feel that much difficult same is with programming when you learn programming you should go step wise step don’t jump so long that you miss the basic concepts.

When a person starts learning to program they don’t understand it and they quit it but you should never do that it will take time for you to understand the concepts how to give instructions to the computer. Basically, programming is like we are giving instructions to the computer to perform a given task.

 Some peoples who wants to learn to program they say they directly want to develop the software. So some times it is hard to convince people that programming is step by step learning process. In this article, I will tell you the best steps which you can follow in your programming learning journey I'm sure it will help you throughout your journey.

 5 best step to be master in programming


1)learn the basic commands

The first step is to learn the basic commands without it don’t move further because it can create problems later on its like math without the knowledge of addition and subtraction you cant do multiply or division. In programming also this matters a lot.

 At the starting the basic commands would look easier to understand. But after some time when you will learn the other advanced commands so you will forget these basic commands which will cause a big problem. So always clear the concept of the basic commands.

2)write before performing

The second step is that you should always write the code of any problem before you perform. This will make you perfect in programming. If you start performing on your IDE before writing then if some error occurs you will clear that error in less than a second.

But if you write the code before performing you will check twice if that program will run or not and by chance it gives some error so you will correct the error on your notebook as well as in your IDE. This will ensure that you don’t make a mistake next time because whenever we write with our hands it just get stuck in our mind.

3)Practice just after the lesson

The third step is to practice the code just after you have completed your lesson. For example if you are learning coding from youtube or udemy you should practice just after your lesson is completed otherwise you will forget after some time what was taught to you. This will help you to remember the lessons as well it will build your concepts.


4)Read some books

The fourth step is to read the book of programming language even though programming is all about practical knowledge. But If still not get some concept you can always go through the book. Books generally has elaborated the concepts each topic is covered with proper examples. But at the end what you will do on your IDE will always matter.

If you don’t have books you can down E-books from the internet there are a lot of books available for every programming language.

5)participate in code solving competitions

The 5th and the last step is to participate in competitive coding. It is just like and competitive paper the participants are given some problem in and they have to solve that problem in a given amount of time. This will increase your problem-solving capabilities and you will be able to solve the problem very fast. There are many online hackathon conducted you can participate and give a try. They also give some prizes to the winners.



So these where some of the best techniques to learn to program. If you will follow these steps surely you will master any programming language. But the thing is you have to keep the patience it will come slowly another thing is that it needs a lot of practice the famous quote “practice makes a man perfect”. so follow this quote and start learning programming from today by following these steps.


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