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Android is amazing after rooting.


Android after rooting

You got bored using your android and want to try something new. So you should root your phone Rooting the android phones means you can now access hidden features of the android which was only limited to the developers. Note: If your phone is under warranty don’t root your phone as it will avoid your warranty.

If you have rooted your device then you can do amazing things on that which a normal phone cannot do.


1)Extend battery life

Yes you have read it right by rooting your device you can extend your battery life. An App called Amplify battery extender really boost your battery performance. This app forces to close those apps which are draining your battery very fast. You can give a try after rooting your device if it works or not.

2)Recover deleted files

There are many recovery apps that ensure that they will recover your data but after rooting your phone you can get access to the most powerfull recovery app that is undeleter. This can recover all the data which has been delete one more interesting about this is that it can recover your deleted whatsapp conversation and deleted call logs.

3)Extend RAM

One of the most important component of android is Ram. This component ensures about the performence of your device. After rooting your device you can  Extend your RAM. It will use your SD card as your Additional RAM and increase it . You must have good SD card. Then only you will able to see change in the performance you should watch the tutorial on youtube before doing it.

4)Access saved Wifi Password

You can get access to saved Wifi password. If you have non rooted phone you cannot see the saved wifi password but after rooting your device you can actually see the saved wifi password. There are many apps available on google The thing you have to do is just give the root permission and see the magic

5)Change IMEI of your device

IMEI is the number which uniquely indentify your device and you can change that it is adviced that before doing this you should backup your original IMEI number. There Is a app name called IMEI changer you can download this app change the IMEI number.

6)MOD any app or game

The app called Lucky patcher is there by which you can mod all the apps and games. You can get free coins in the games and ulimited lifes games like candy crush can be modded using this app. This is really amazing app you don’t have to download modded apps from other sites you can make your own.


7)Install custom ROM’s

If you got bored with your default android appearance then you can install custom ROM’S  if you have rooted your device. Custom ROM will give you more features which your normal phones doesn’t have. There are Ton of Custom ROMs available on google. But before installing make backup of your original ROM.

8)Overclock your device

Yes !! you can overclock your device. Android can also be overclocked  but it is adviced that if you have full knowledge of this then only try this. This may damage your device because mobile processors are not made for overclocking. After doing this you will see gradual increase in your phone speed

9)Install Latest android updates

After rooting your device you can get the latest updates of the android version many manafactures release the updates to the phone many days after the release date of new android version. But now you don’t have to wait for the new updates you can very easily get latest version updates.

10)Uninstall system apps

You can uninstall the system apps which can only be disabled. There are many apps on the phones like the company apps these apps are not usefull. These apps just useless these apps only fill our phone space.



These were the benefits of rooting the device these are really helpful if you are bored with your current android device after rooting your device you will definitely get different experience of using the device. These are the good points of rooting your device you know if there are advantages then there are certain disadvantages we will talk about the disadvantages on another article. So if this article was helpful for you share it and for more information stay updated with us.


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