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CCTV cameras VS mobile Cameras


Can CCTV cameras replaced by mobile Cameras?

Can CCTV cameras replaced by mobile cameras? The answer is no we will discuss this but yes this question is genuine that instead of that blurry images on CCTV can it be replaced by mobile. In the new technological era in which there is resolution up to 4k why still the CCTV cameras recording are blurry or grainy.

Is not good as a mobile video recording. Even the safety is the number one priority then why we should not replace CCTV with a mobile camera so we can have the HD view of the recording. So these questions may come in your mind.

Even Mobile cameras can record in 4k then why CCTV can record in 4k so it is easy to identify something. There is so much advancement in the technology then why they can upgrade the quality of the CCTV camera.

These questions may be in your mind. Here are some of the following points that prove that CCTV cameras can’t be replaced by mobile phone cameras.

1)Continous working

You know that CCTV is continuously working. They record on the day basis they don’t record for like 2 hours or 3 hours. So they have to capture every moment of the day and the mobile cameras cannot record for the all-day either they will stop working or stop recording.

2)They are for specific purpose

Unlike CCTV cameras are not able to record at 4k or 1080P then mobile cameras cannot shoot at low light conditions and high contrast conditions. CCTV cameras are specifically made for that. They can record even in low light or even in complete dark area. They have many other features like they can capture the moment. Or they have powerful optical zoom. In mobile we have digital zoom but in the CCTV camera we have optical zoom

3)Storage Issue

Another big reason that CCTV cannot be replaced by mobile cameras is that if we record in mobile camera at high resolution then storage will be equipped more because HD files equip more storage than  a normal video file. So that is why CCTV camera quality is of low resolution because it has to record the video for long-duration if it will record in HD resolution then the storage issue will be there.


Since CCTV cameras are connected with the internet we can see what is happening from a remote place but on mobile, it is not like that.

So these were the points that prove that CCTV cameras cant be replaced by mobile cameras. So whenever somebody asks this question tell them these Points are the exact points. CCTV cameras are made for specific purposes i.e is a long time recording no mobile camera can record for a long period of time. One more thing Is that CCTV cameras are made which can capture moments and some CCTV cameras is having feature that if some activity is going they get highly active.

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