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How to earn passive income by translating text


How to earn money by translating text.

You want to earny money online but you  don’t get satisfied with the website or you don’t have the skill that can let you earn money. So what if I say you can earn money by just using the google tranaslate.

Yes you can earn money with the help of google translate many of the people are making good use of it. There are many books or text available in different languages and some people wants to translate this text to some other language. May be some one wants to translate his book which is written in japnese to English.

 In this case they hire freelancers to do this work. So what freelancers does they just paste the content in google translate and when the text is translated they show it to the person if the person is satisfied they get paid .

 How simple it is. There are many free lancing sites like fiver,upwork,freelancer. But today we gonna talk about some different site which is Latium. This is a freelancing website on which you have to work. Here is the step by step guide to find projects and earn through it.

Steps to earn money through google translate

1)Go to

2)After going to it just click of sign up for free

3)fill out the details they ask you

4)Then select I want to work

5)then add something about you like your skills hourly rate, portfolio or you can either skip it and do afterward but I recommend you to do it because it will make your profile stronger and your bid will be accepted

6)Now after that you will be on the main screen of the Latium here you can see many projects you can work on different projects based on your skill

7)Then after that find translations and languages and click on it

8)after you Click it there will be many projects on your screen now you have to bid on the maximum projects and give the time in which you can complete the project and write a message that I can complete this project on time  blah blah  …………. and if they reply back show them that you can translate what they want.

9)They will give you some content to translate just go on google translate and paste the content there and give them the translated content

So these were the steps you should follow to earn money by google translate. This is the best possible way that can help you to earn a passive income. The best thing is that you don’t have to work for several hours and It also offers hight amount of money. Many people are using this method and earning a huge amount of money on a daily basis.

Many other trusted sites like Upwork and fiver also have this kind of projects but in this website there is a specific option for translating and language. On the websites like  fiver and Upwork you will not find the specific menu for this.

One  problem may occur that the person who hires you would be offering image content to translate in this case what you can do is you can download application like image to text converter there are many apps available on the internet which can extract text from the images so if this problem occurs you can use this trick

Pro Tip- To increase your chances that you  bid is accepted build you profile and make your profile that much strong that the hirer believes that this person will do my work professionally without any problem. Your profile must look professional add your photo and biography. You must also add your skills because they will choose you if you have specific skills for that project

So that was all about that how you can earn money through translating the text. If you like this post share it and stay updated with us for more articles like this




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