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Is Wifi better than Mobile data?

Wifi vs mobile data | who wins? |

When thinking about internet what comes in mind is whether you should use mobile data or Wifi..most of the peoples uses mobile data. But in mobile data speed and data is limited that is why when you stream on Netflix or on Hotstar it gives warning that "you are on your mobile data connection to wifi. So what should you choose to access the internet is it wifi or mobile data? See mobile data has its own benefits over Wifi.

In the last 3-4 years the internet is so popular in India that no one can live without the internet I think this is a jio fact. Earlier there was no fiber internet in India but nowadays there are so many fiber internet available. Fiber internet use fiber optical cable. Fiber internet is very fast as compared to ethernet cable.

So let's see the difference between the Mobile data and wifi


Yes, speed is the biggest point. when you are using mobile data then you can't expect great whichever plan you are currently on but in case of wifi the speed can get up to 1GBPS. This is because the Wifi router is connected with some wired medium and that router converts the wired network into a wireless network. But in the case of mobile data there in no such router connected to a wired medium you get network through a network tower which is very far away from you.


when we install wifi in our place then initially the cost of router and wire is there which means if you want to install wifi then you have to pay some amount at the starting. Then you can recharge with any plan you prefer. The cost of mobile recharge is a bit less but the data you get on mobile is also very less. Like if you want to stream a movie 1.5 GB is not sufficient at all and these days data packs are also very costly.


When comes to portability mobile data is best if you travel a lot then there is a need of portable connection in this mobile data that helps a lot. We cant carry a wifi router with us.
Hence in the terms of portability mobile data is best.

Why should we use wifi over mobile data?

See the main point of using Wifi instead of mobile data is that wifi saves a lot of time it gives better speed than mobile data. Assume a situation where you have to submit an important document online and there is a very weak network connection this will really make you angry.
These days due to COVID-19 online classes are held on zoom so in that case, you need a good internet connection with which your learning experience would be enhanced.

If know that mobile data has its own benefits over wifi but overall if you think wifi would be a better option for many of you. You can do small recharge on your mobile so whenever you go outside your home you don’t get any problem with making calls and using the internet.


So finally I would say that mobile data cant give competition to wifi when there is a question of speed and data limits. So you should install wifi at your home or office or where ever you are living.
You will have a great experience using it there will be no buffering no lag in gaming great video call experience and many more things.


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