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The most effective method to boost Windows 10 for Gaming


The best methods to boost Windows 10 for Gaming


So you have a laptop with windows 10 and it's giving a bad experience for your gaming. You have invested much in it but still, the problem occurs while you are playing games on it. For gaming in the mid-range laptops is much difficult compared to the high range laptops.

Gaming is that thing whick every one loves even if you have purchased laptop for your office work you would still wish that it can run games many of the laptops comes with integrated graphics card. Some of the laptops comes with dedicated graphics card but still laptop cant give performence like desktop.

 So if you want to play games in the mid range laptops then to boost the fps There are some prior requirements. In this article we will discuss the best options you can try so that you can boost the gaming performance.


1)Disable Antivirus or delete it

I would recommend to delete your antivirus rather disabling it because if you are having a mid range pc with low specification your gaming experience would be worst. This is because antivirus takes lots of RAM and disc space. RAM is the most important component for gaming More free RAM the MORE boost in the performance.

 2) Remove Unnecessary tasks from Task manager   

To remove background tasks just press ctrl + alt + del task manager will open and after that you can see which background app you don’t need. Most of the time you will see google chrome running on the background which consumes a lot of memory just remove it from the background and you will see gradual change in your gameplay don’t remove the windows process if you will remove it your PC will not function properly.

3) Play in low graphics

If you want buttery smooth gameplay try to run  gameplay with lowest graphics with anit-analysing off this will improve the gaming performance. The graphics might be low but there will be huge difference. You will be able to play many of the games. The reason for doing this is that when the graphics setting is set to high then It will use more memory so if you

4)Plug in charging while playing games

If have noticed that when you plug in charging while playing games on laptop your gaming performance is at the top you will be getting good fps for the games. This is because while the charger is plugged in then it uses the direct power rather than battery power. But this can cause heating issue your laptop might start heating you should place you laptop in cool place while playing games with charging on.

 5)Get latest version of graphics driver

Another reason that your game running slow is the graphics card driver. It is very important that you must have the latest version of graphics card driver. Because when the your driver will be updated then it will run with the latest version. Like you have seen when you get latest version of android many bugs are fixed in the update same like that when you update the driver many bugs are fixed there. Just update this and have buttery smooth gaming experience.


So these were the points that will run your game with good fps. There are many more reasons that your game becomes laggy like it would be of high graphics. Now a days games are so graphics extensive that even you cant play on low graphics. These types of games needs good specification pc which can handle this.


I hope that this article was helpful for you if yes do share it and stay tuned for more articles.