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Top 5 methods to earn money online

Earning money online is not that easy you have to work for quite a long time to get most of it but how to choose the right platform to earn money online. Yes this is a big question because there are so many sites available on the internet or there are more tutorials on youtube which ensure that you can earn money online. But the fact is that most of the sites that you visit is not going to give you money. In this article we will tell you top 5 methods from which you can earn money online.

1)Google Adsense

I will recommend that you should use google adsense if you want to earn money online this is the best method till date. Because google is the trusted site and many of the people are making a good amount of money. You can start a blog or start a youtube channel or can make a mobile app and monetize it will google adsense.

If you are getting good amount of traffic then you can easily make 1000 dollar per months if you want proof of the earnings then search on google “google adsense earning proof” You will see very positive reviews that many of the people are earning good amount of money.


The another amazing way to earn money is freelancing many people who left their job because they were not satisfied by the salary are doing freelancing. The website like upwork, freelancer, fiverr….etc. These websites are popular many people post the work here and freelancers according to their skills do the project. They bid on the project and if the customer is satisfied with you bid it hire you have to complete their project at some amount of time.

If you want to do freelancing firstly you have to develop some skill. Like you can learn the skill of web designing, programming , article rewriting or photo and video editing. These are some of the skills which get most of the projects. So you can develop on of these skills and offer your services on freelancing websites.

3) Affiliate Marketing

Suppose you have a website or facebook page or youtube channel and you have good traffic. Then you can start doing affiliate marketing. In this you basically earn through commissions for example You have website and you have affiliate links on your website and some one visits your website and saw the product and  purchased it from the link you have given there you will earn some amount of commission to sell the product. There are many affiliate programs that are available on internet like Amazon affiliate, flipkart affiliate etc.


This is a new concept for earning money. In this method you have to create your own shopify store and sell products. In this ecommerce method you don’t have to hold any inventory or stock for the products. You just have to import the products on your store from aliexpress. And you have run ads of that product on facebook or google.

Then if some one make a purchase from your website you have to give order of that product on aliexpress and the vendor will ship the product to the customer address. You have to sell the product at higher cost. How amazing it is … is a new way of doing ecommerce business.


5)Ecommerce store

Dropshipping is still not that much like the traditional ecommerce store like you have to face problems like payement gateway issue or late delivery. In this case you can start a normal e-commerce store that sells the products you have in stock. This will solve the problem of late shipping and payment issues. Just the problem is that you have hold some stock. But this method is also good if you want to make your online business and earn money from it.



These were the best methods by which you can earn money online. These are some of the genuine methods it will take your effort and time but believe me it will give you best out of it. There are some more methods like online trading or investing in bitcoins but these have high risks and your money can be wasted.

I hope that this information will help you to earn money online if you like this post then share it and stay tuned for the future posts like this.


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