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Why you should install Jio fiber at your home?


Why you should install Jio fiber at your home?

Recently jio has announced its new jio fiber plans and many of the people are installing jio fiber at their homes. Jio fiber has launched its lowest plans to date. It is very cheap more than that you also get some ott apps like Hotstar, sony liv, Netflix etc. Earlier jio use to give bonus coupons to recharge your wifi if you have exhausted the data but now there is no limit for the data. It is unlimited.

As the name tells that it is a fiber connection Earlier companies were using an ethernet cable which gives a very low speed. But now most of the companies like airtel and jio are giving fiber optic internet which is very fast.

When Jio was launched in 2016 they used to give free unlimited data now the same they are doing it with the wifi they are providing unlimited data and you can also install jio call app and make calls over wifi. As there are many broadband proividers in India why you should JIO fiber .So lets see the points which tells us that why we should install jio fiber.



The main reason that someone install Wifi is to get speed so that they can get seamless experience. JIO fiber offers speed upto 1GBPS which is according to the plan you choose. They also offers the plans as low upto 30 MBPS so you can choose wisely which plan according to you is best. But with 30 mbps and 100 mbps plans you will not get access to the ott apps.


Unlimited data

You get unlimited data if you choose plan of 30mbps speed then also you will get unlimited data can trust me when there is unlimited data you can browse any watch movies at 4k or stream your favourite webseries.


Free for one month

If you have any doubt or you think that you want to try firstly jio fiber then you can get free jio fiber services for one month. They will refund money if you don’t like it . The company says that they will ask no question if you don’t like their services.


Great service

More than anything service of the company matters a lot recently we have shifted our house . so wifi was also to be shifted we just made one call to customer care and after 4 days our JIO fiber connection was transferred to another place with no extra charges. How awsm it is they had installed new fiber cable which is very costly in the market. This gives a indication that JIO offers great services for the customers.


Makes Your TV smart

JIO fiber comes with the 4k set-top box which is really good if you are having a normal led tv this setup box can make your tv smart you will be able to access apps like Netflix, Hotstar, sony liv, youtube JIO is trying to give many more apps. This set-top box can also be used for casting the screen to TV. You can enable the wireless display option and cast your mobile screen to tv.

Unlimited calls over wifi

There is also an option of calling you get unlimited calls over wifi if your phone supports wifi calling. If your phone doesn’t support wifi calling then you can install the jio call app and make calls around INDIA.



So these were the benefits you get when you install JIO fiber although there are many service provides out there but JIO is having more cheap price and the service given by jio is very good I think it is the best service given by any company. So you should also get your JIO fiber connection now and enjoy a seamless experience.


For more details about the plans, you can visit:


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