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Things to consider prior if you want to do BCA

  Things to do prior if you want to do BCA after 12 You have just passed out your 10 class board exam and you are now in the confusion that which subject I should choose I am assuming that you want to do BCA after 12 so what are the things or subjects that you should choose? This is a big question and it depends on you also. Increasing demand of the IT professionals are increasing day by day and student pursuing IT degrees on a large scale. So if you want to do BCA after 12 there are certain things you must take care of. Like which subjects you should choose or what things to learn prior. When you will enter the college you will be taught things from scratch but It would be better if you have some prior knowledge of things like programming and some technical concept. Things taught in 9 and 10 classes of computer subjects are not of the level. They can be understood just to make your base but if you want to grab good knowledge about the computer then there should be a preplanning

Can Micromax take its earlier position

  Micromax is making a come back can it takes its earlier position Micromax company is a true Indian brand it was founded by Rahul Sharma. Today on 16/10/2020 Micromax uploaded and video on their youtube channel that they are making a comeback in the smartphone market. You have seen that in recent times Micromax was not actively manufacturing smartphones because the Chinese brands like Xiaomi have captured all the smartphone market because Xiaomi phones are value for money and they give in less price.  But earlier when Xiaomi was not there Micromax brand was the top brand in the Indian smartphone market but after 2016 they lost their brand value. But now Micromax is again making a come back as the people are demanding non -Chinese products in the market but they have no option so that is why Micromax is launching their new products which will be MADE IN INDIA. In the video, Rahul Sharma said that they have made mistakes in the past so they have learned from their mistakes and they are

what are the specs needed for laptop according to your work

  What are the Specifications needed for students laptop If you are a student and pursuing a computer degree or want to go into the technical field about the computer then you must be thinking about which laptop you should purchase. This must be a tuff question for you because there are many laptops available in the market. So which type of laptop you need? It totally depends on you there are certain laptops that are meant for tasks like gaming, editing, etc. so first think what would you be doing after purchasing the laptop is gaming or video editing or programming. If you have decided that for what reason you are purchasing a laptop then you have sorted out your half of the problem. So firstly think about for what reason you want to purchase the laptop. Below there are different types of specification needed for different purpose’s 1)Gaming If you want a laptop for gaming purposes then your budget should be a minimum of 50000 I am not discouraging you There are many laptops

Best youtube channels to learn programming

 What are the best youtube channels to learn programming? As you know programming is so important in student life. As the IT industry is Expanding in India there are huge numbers of programmers required for the companies. Every student wants to learn programming because it is must needed in today’s world. If you want to learn to program you don’t have to buy any course or take coaching classes the thing is that you can learn it online on youtube. Yes, there are many channels on youtube that provides step by step guide to learn programming for beginners.  They make programming so simple that everyone can learn to program very easily. The one thing you need is a book of that programming language and of course your precious time. The book is must needed because when you will start to learn to program you will be having no idea from which topic you should start so that is why you should always have one book with you.  You just have to read that book and browse that topic on youtube and the