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Best youtube channels to learn programming

 What are the best youtube channels to learn programming?

As you know programming is so important in student life. As the IT industry is Expanding in India there are huge numbers of programmers required for the companies. Every student wants to learn programming because it is must needed in today’s world. If you want to learn to program you don’t have to buy any course or take coaching classes the thing is that you can learn it online on youtube. Yes, there are many channels on youtube that provides step by step guide to learn programming for beginners. 

They make programming so simple that everyone can learn to program very easily. The one thing you need is a book of that programming language and of course your precious time. The book is must needed because when you will start to learn to program you will be having no idea from which topic you should start so that is why you should always have one book with you. 

You just have to read that book and browse that topic on youtube and they will explain to you in the easy language with practical examples the advantage of learning online is that if you don’t understand the topic from one YouTuber you can watch the video of the same topic of other YouTuber. So you should take advantage of this. So here are some of the best YouTubers for learning programming language for beginners.


There are various channels of mysirg He has made many channels according to the programming language. If you are a true beginner then you can watch his videos I am sure that you will learn to program very easily. He has covered each and every topic of the programming languages like c, c++, java, Python. The one thing is that his videos are divided into parts and some times it can go up to 6 parts so that might take your time 

2 code with harry

The second channel on our list is codewithharry this channel is also best if you want to learn programming the best thing is that he gives notes with every topic he explain yes these notes are very simplified. He has published around 1072 videos and he is currently having more than 6 lakh subscribers. He has created various playlists for various languages.

3) Jenny's lectures CS/IT NET&JRF

The next on our list is Jenny's lectures CS/IT NET&JRF. If you have learned to program and want to dive in deep and want to learn data structures and algorithms which is very important expect of every programming language. Then you should watch her videos. She has explained very nicely about each and every topic of data structure she has also made videos on placement preparation and GATE paper preparation.

So these were the best channels that I know about these are the top 3 channels with which I was able to learn programming in very less time so if I can you can also learn in very less time. The thing you have to follow is giving proper time and practice after watching the video or if you don’t understand it you can always rewind it and play from where you are not understood.


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