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Can Micromax take its earlier position


Micromax is making a come back can it takes its earlier position

Micromax company is a true Indian brand it was founded by Rahul Sharma. Today on 16/10/2020 Micromax uploaded and video on their youtube channel that they are making a comeback in the smartphone market.

You have seen that in recent times Micromax was not actively manufacturing smartphones because the Chinese brands like Xiaomi have captured all the smartphone market because Xiaomi phones are value for money and they give in less price.

 But earlier when Xiaomi was not there Micromax brand was the top brand in the Indian smartphone market but after 2016 they lost their brand value. But now Micromax is again making a come back as the people are demanding non -Chinese products in the market but they have no option so that is why Micromax is launching their new products which will be MADE IN INDIA.

In the video, Rahul Sharma said that they have made mistakes in the past so they have learned from their mistakes and they are coming back with a blast. In the video, Rahul Sharma told that how the people of India made Micromax the top 10 brands of India. It was a small video of the announcement that they are coming back.

But Gaurav Chaudhary is known as technical guruji the famous tech YouTuber interviewed Rahul Sharma CEO of Micromax and in this interview, he told some new things that they are going to launch.

Technical guruji said that he shared a poll on his youtube channel and asked his audience about how many of them want that Micromax should come back and he said that most of the viewers said that they wanted Micromax to come back.

Rahul Sharma also told that on average he is getting 250 emails from the people that when they are coming back in the smartphone market.

So what’s new in Micromax

So Micromax has announced a new brand called IN. Rahul Sharma said that this brand name is purely dedicated to our country INDIA.

It will be completely performance-oriented products. No compromise would be there in the performance.

It will be also for gamers. They can run heavy games without any lag.

No ads in the UI completely stock Android experience. Recently many UI was having bloatware applications they were designing their UI but Micromax is now going to launch the phones which would give complete stock experience.

He also said that the mobile phone range would be from 7000 to 15000 or more but their lowest price smartphone would be 7000. These smartphones would be completely performance-oriented as said earlier.

Lower than 7000 Rs product would not be launched at this time but later on

He also said that the Processor they will be using would be more better than helio p22 and g35 so you can expect a fast processor.

Micromax would launch value for money products.

There would be more features and less price.

Can they capture the smartphone market?

 So the big question is now can they capture the market well that is a difficult question because for them it would be very difficult to capture the market as there are many substitutes available. So they have to think about what people want. They have to make their phones so that they can provide value for money. 

Another thing they have to change is that quality of their camera in 2013 I purchase a Micromax device and its camera performance was excellent but after that, the phones they launched their camera were not up to the mark. Companies like Xiaomi and realme are providing great specification smartphones at less price so now Micromax should also focus on these things another than that the advertising of the smartphone should be great. 

They have to advertise their smartphone very nicely so that they can get viewers attention. As many of the people want an Indian brand smartphone but they just don’t have any option and they go for brands like Xiaomi or realme. In the interview with technical guruji CEO of Micromax told that the new phones would be in the range of 7000 to 15000. 

In my opinion, it is a great step because most of people buy smartphones in this range and if Micromax can create a good device at this price point then definitely Micromax would be on the top Indian smartphone brand.

When they are going to launch?

In the interview with technical guruji Rahul Sharma said that they are going to launch the smartphones in November but the exact date is not yet announced. But in my opinion I would be near Diwali because most of the people buy electronic items in the festive season.

So that was all about my opinion about the new smartphone brand IN.


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