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Things to consider prior if you want to do BCA


Things to do prior if you want to do BCA after 12

You have just passed out your 10 class board exam and you are now in the confusion that which subject I should choose I am assuming that you want to do BCA after 12 so what are the things or subjects that you should choose? This is a big question and it depends on you also. Increasing demand of the IT professionals are increasing day by day and student pursuing IT degrees on a large scale.

So if you want to do BCA after 12 there are certain things you must take care of. Like which subjects you should choose or what things to learn prior. When you will enter the college you will be taught things from scratch but It would be better if you have some prior knowledge of things like programming and some technical concept.

Things taught in 9 and 10 classes of computer subjects are not of the level. They can be understood just to make your base but if you want to grab good knowledge about the computer then there should be a preplanning of that.

In this article, I am going to tell you some of the concepts that you must learn or grab prior in class 12 and class 11 so that you face less problem in your college.


Subjects to choose in 11

So if you have decided that you want to do BCA after class 12 now the main thing is which subjects you should choose. In my opinion, you should choose the humanities because in the humanities there is less burden often it is not easy you have to study the subjects you can’t pass without studying. In the humanities, you have a wide range of subjects so you should be very clear that which subject you can carry further In my opinion you should choose.

Computer science






If you are weak in maths you should always take 6 subjects because when your total percentage will be calculated then you best 5 subjects marks would be considered.

What if you don’t want to take Humanities and want to pursue nonmedical. There is a reason that in humanities there is less burden on you so you can focus on your computer programming skills and practice it. But if you take Nonmedical or medical then there will be more burden on your chemistry physics will just ruin your time and there will be no time left for programming.


Decide anyone programming language you want to learn. Because in BCA you will get programming in your 1st semester and for beginners, it can be difficult to understand. I recommend you should learn the very basic programming language C then you can move on to c++. Because C is not an object-oriented programming language and C++ is object-oriented. C is a very basic language if you understand the concepts you will just rock it !!.

Most often all the programming language concepts are the same the only difference is between the writing the syntax. If you don’t want to learn C language then you can choose any language you like

For-ex python, It is also a very simple language which is having very easy syntax and it can also be used to build many great projects.


Focus on maths

Maths Is very much needed in bca and it is required for admission in BCA course some colleges may give admission without maths but most of the colleges won't give it. So you have to focus on maths subject as 12 and 11 maths is hard but if you practice it you won't face any problem.

And in BCA course there is also maths in 1st and 2nd semester and most of the students who have not studied maths in 11 and 12 get supply in the 1st semester. So if you want to make your BCA course easy so you should build your maths subjects.

Build some technical concepts

You need to build some technical concepts like how computer works how hardware works how software works how computer storage is divided these small basic concepts will help you very much

You do not need to take any book for this you can read articles on the internet or you can watch youtube videos.

These technical concepts are very much needed because these are some of the basic concepts and if someone asks you and you are not able to answer then if will be very disappointing for you although you are going to study computer science.


These are some of the things that you must follow prior. If you follow these things prior to class 11 and class 12 I am sure that you will not face any problem in your degree and there you can focus on the advanced concepts. In most of the cases in colleges when students are doing their degrees they just study their subjects. But if you follow these steps your degree would be very easy and you will be able to understand the advanced things.



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