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what are the specs needed for laptop according to your work


What are the Specifications needed for students laptop

If you are a student and pursuing a computer degree or want to go into the technical field about the computer then you must be thinking about which laptop you should purchase. This must be a tuff question for you because there are many laptops available in the market. So which type of laptop you need?

It totally depends on you there are certain laptops that are meant for tasks like gaming, editing, etc. so first think what would you be doing after purchasing the laptop is gaming or video editing or programming. If you have decided that for what reason you are purchasing a laptop then you have sorted out your half of the problem. So firstly think about for what reason you want to purchase the laptop.

Below there are different types of specification needed for different purpose’s


If you want a laptop for gaming purposes then your budget should be a minimum of 50000 I am not discouraging you There are many laptops that are under 50000 but they can't give that much performance for gaming. If you want to do gaming smoothly then you should have a budget of around 50000 or more. There are many gaming laptops of ASUS or MSI that are around 53 thousand which gives a good gaming experience. Now there must be some things that must be there in the gaming laptop you are purchasing.

1 .i5 processor or can be i7 (latest generation)

2.Minimum 8 GB Ram

3.dedicated GPU (4GB or 6GB)

4. SSD storage

5. High-resolution screen

6.Backlit keyboard or RGB (This can be optional but if it is there then your experience would be enhanced)

7. Good heat control fans

These are some of the basic points that must be considered while purchasing gaming laptop. The last point is should be taken seriously because if there is no good heat control fans then you would face heating issues. Which can damage your laptop. Another thing is the SSD storage there must be SSD storage it will make your game load faster.


If you want a laptop for programming and coding then your budget should be around 20000. The basic laptops start from 20000 like dell and hp these laptops are very useful for the students that are doing programming or any internet-related work. The specification should be.

1.i3 processor

2.4 GB ram

3.good battery backup

4.15.6 inch screen

5. good quality keyboard

These are some of the basic needs for the laptop you must consider  it before purchasing it good battery backup is must either you have to plug every time you do your work.


For home use or Entertainment purpose

If you want a laptop for home use like watching movies and listening to music or browsing the internet then you can get a laptop for around 20000 to 30000 INR. The laptop must have good sound quality and good screen resolution other than that good battery backup is also necessary. laptop must also be lightweight so you can carry it.


For learning purposes

If you don’t know how to use pc then you can go for a second-hand laptop you will easily get it under 15000 or less than that. But don’t purchase that laptop that is too you while purchasing take your friend who is having knowledge about the laptops. For learning purpose second-hand laptop is  best you can do some basic like using excel, PowerPoint, word or browse the internet.

All in one laptop

If you want all in one laptop then you have to spend amount like 2lac  INR you will be getting your beast but I don’t recommend buying costly laptops. But if you want to stream games or you are a good video editor and getting projects for video editing then you can go for it. But for normal people, it's never recommended.


So These were some specifications or you can say basic points you should remember while purchasing the laptop for you. Laptops price can vary from use to use. If you want to buy a laptop you must purchase from the trusted online store and trusted brand In online purchasing you will get amazing discounts and if you will purchase offline from the retail store then there is a chance that you will pay more amount. And in some retail stores, they also don’t have stock of the laptop you have chosen instead they will force you to buy some another laptop from their store. I have covered every category of laptops if anything left do let me know in the comment section.



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